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Saving Truck Star
F.V. Martin Trucking Co.

Time is money here. One of the biggest reasons we chose EROAD was to keep track of our miles per state. Before EROAD we did a ton of manual work in relying on the drivers to record their miles. Now, with EROAD's electronic tax management solution, it has taken away all the guessing. The idling and speed reports are also big for our shop. We are able to physically show drivers what they are doing and that has helped with efficiency dramatically.

EROAD’s automatic data capture has been a huge time saver. We eliminated three physical forms that our drivers used to have to fill out, which has reduced time and money. Not having to pay them for their time on paperwork, but rather allow them to focus on the road, has been great.

Any chance a dispatcher or I get to, we like to let customers know we are using EROAD. It builds trust being able to tell them exactly when the driver will arrive using EROAD’s real-time updates.

Heather Hutchens
Dispatch Assistant
F.V. Martin Trucking Co.

Industry: Container Transport
Company: F.V. Martin Trucking Co.
Location: White City, OR