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Home Run Truck Star
Stutzman Farms

From the maintenance end of things I now have the capability to pull service records, check mileage till next service, add completed repairs and see where all the trucks are with the click of a mouse!

The versatility of the system is incredible. With EROAD we are no longer paying for full weight when we are empty. Off-road mileage is another factor. We are off-road on a daily basis – whether we are picking up material at farms, delivering to customer locations or just running around in our own yard there is almost always some off-road travel and we are no longer paying taxes on it.

The system is so user friendly and streamlined that we honestly have no idea what we did without it. It is saving us time, money and headache at every angle. EROAD is a home run in our book.

Cody Hawks
Shop Foreman
Stutzman Farms

Industry: Agriculture and horticulture
Company: Stutzman Farms