Pride Intermodal improves operational efficiency and compliance with EROAD

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Pride Intermodal is a carrier of containers for shippers and railroads, with anywhere from 80 power units to 130 company and owner-operator tractors in operation during peak season. When Pride Intermodal needed to track vehicle locations so it could streamline dispatch operations and improve safety and regulatory compliance, it turned to EROAD.


Pride Intermodal has equipped company trucks and dedicated owner-operator vehicles with EROAD ELD, Safety Compliance and Fleet Management products.

With the EROAD ELD, Pride Intermodal has Daily Activity, HOS Violations and Driver Timesheet reports to track HOS violations and fix mistakes, and to check logs to make sure drivers aren’t using personal time when working. 

For dispatch and fleet tracking, the EROAD system provides geofences to capture when trucks leave rail yards and arrive at shipper locations, and tracks daily activity to ensure that loads are delivered. This helps them provide customers with accurate vehicle locations and delivery time estimates.

EROAD also lets Pride Intermodal easily manage driver profiles, including licenses and medical card expiration dates, and enables the company to improve safety and to reward drivers with a bonus for safe driving.

Owner-operators contracted with Pride Intermodal that are using the EROAD ELD plan also have access to Daily Activity, HOS Violations and Driver Timesheets reports. 

RS Davis Web

RS Davis Web

“EROAD is saving time for us as it’s a great tool for dispatchers to use to plan hauls based on truck location, and that leads to better customer service as we continue to grow.”
Christopher Leon 
Assistant General Manager, Pride Intermodal

Pride Intermodal
Commerce, CA



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