EROAD Integration - API

EROAD Integration API allows you to integrate rich data with your other business software, saving you time, providing you better insight into your fleet and reducing your development costs for new business initiatives. Our API uses modern REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture that allows for easy and fast integration.

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Key Benefits

  • More efficient
    Data is in one place, providing a single view of your business data
  • Saves time
    Eliminates manual data entry and avoids input errors
  • Keeps your data in sync
    Enables integration into back end systems to keep data in sync

Enable powerful integrations and insights

Fleet operators want to make use of EROAD’s highly reliable, accurate and rich data to make informed decisions. This includes relevant vehicle data supplied by EROAD’s partners that can be displayed in EROAD’s web application, Depot. 

EROAD provides an open, standards-based interface using the REST architecture and provides an easy and intuitive way of communication with EROAD via the HTTP protocol.

Additional fees may apply to make use of EROAD APIs.


  • Allows customers and partners to retrieve current vehicle location and other valuable information
  • Enables retrieval of Hours of Service such as driver duty time and availability
  • Automates management of vehicles in fleets
  • Facilitates messaging to the driver through EROAD’s in-vehicle device
  • Enables management of geofences in Depot
  • Geofence API allows customers to be notified of departure and arrival events of their trucks in a third party system such as a TMS

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Confidence in every mile

Our customers rely on EROAD to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate and on our platform to deliver the accurate and reliable data that helps them run a faster, safer and more successful business.

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