EROAD Fuel Management

EROAD Fuel Management helps you reduce fuel costs through a better understanding of fuel efficiency across your vehicle fleet. Compare vehicle performance based on fuel use, speeding events and distance traveled. It supports IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) fuel tax reporting and recordkeeping obligations in an easy and effective way.

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Key Benefits

  • Save on fuel
    With real-time fuel usage and transaction information, you always know what you have and how it’s used. EROAD reports also support IFTA fuel tax reporting to meet your recordkeeping obligations.
  • Better visibility
    See at a glance your fuel consumption and performance across your fleet. Fuel exception reporting enables you to ensure each fuel dollar is spent productively
  • Track performance
    The ability to track idle time, distance traveled and mileage per gallon for your fleet can help reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle performance

Drive down fuel costs

Fuel is one of your largest operating expenses. Improved fuel efficiency across your fleet accumulated over time will generate huge savings for your business.

EROAD's intuitive and powerful fuel management module helps you to manage your fuel transactions, identify trends and understand fuel consumption and performance across your fleet. The module supports fuel tax compliance and assists you to meet your recordkeeping obligations.

Customers who use a Comdata MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card for fuel purchases are able to establish an automated import of Comdata fuel card transactions to Depot.

You can export your fuel data in common formats, the reports allow you to identify trends and understand fuel consumption across your fleet.

"My favorite EROAD feature is the fuel transaction management. I live and die in there. When my guys miss putting in their gallons, the EROAD system easily helps me catch that. "

Mike Davidson,
Accounting Manager, Freres Lumber,
Lyons, OR

US Prodcts Freres Lumber


  • Upload and manage all your fuel transactions securely in one place
  • Fuel consumption reporting by vehicle or driver by day, month, and year
  • Export your reports to PDF and CSV formats
  • Supports IFTA fuel tax reporting
  • Exceptions report to identify irregular fuel transactions by location, fuel type, or when fuel consumption is outside a set tolerance
  • Secure, easy integration of fuel card transactions for Comdata MasterCard Corporate Fleet Card users 

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Confidence in every mile

Our customers rely on EROAD to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate and on our platform to deliver the accurate and reliable data that helps them run a faster, safer and more successful business.

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