EROAD Fleet Utilization Dashboard

EROAD Fleet Utilization Dashboard helps you maximize usage of your fleet and auxiliary devices based on your company’s utilization targets. You’ll be able to easily identify opportunities to balance the workload across your fleet, and gain insights into how and where to optimize your fleet size and make-up.

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Key Benefits

  • Right-size your fleet
    Make informed decisions about when to divest, expand or redeploy vehicles and assets to improve profitability
  • Improve cost-to-revenue ratio
    Measure distance traveled over time to support fleet optimization and ensure only the necessary miles are traveled to deliver your business’s goods or services
  • Maximize asset utilization
    Compare engine running hours with auxiliary equipment usage to ensure you’re making the most of your assets

Optimize fleet profitability

It’s no easy task to get a clear picture of how well your organization’s vehicles are utilized. You can walk around the yard, talk to your dispatchers or spend hours manipulating spreadsheets – and still not have all the information you need.

Our Fleet Utilization Dashboard delivers valuable insights into your fleet and auxiliary devices at a glance – allowing you to monitor utilization against your company’s targets. Being able to see key utilization metrics will allow you to balance the workload and determine how and where to optimize your fleet.

Graphs make it easy to assess utilization trends for distance traveled and running hours so you can ensure they are in line with expectations. Where you need to investigate fleets or vehicles you can drill down to quickly view more data and better understand the full picture and whether you need to take action.


  • Monitor fleet and vehicle utilization against a custom-set target
  • Drill down to fleets and vehicles which fall below the optimum utilization target; view additional data for a more in-depth investigation
  • View distance traveled and utilization trends for insights into fleet performance over time
  • View the time that auxiliary equipment has been active in comparison with its running hours of the asset – for productivity analysis
  • PDF and CSV export available for regular scheduling and delivery of reports to your mailbox for quick daily, weekly or monthly review

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Our customers rely on EROAD to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate and on our platform to deliver the accurate and reliable data that helps them run a faster, safer and more successful business.

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