EROAD Electronic Oregon WMT

EROAD Electronic Oregon Weight-Mile Tax (WMT) management automatically generates the required trip information including accurate distance, location, weight/axle configuration changes, and state line crossing information to support distance record requirements. 

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Key Benefits

  • Save time
    Dramatically reduces administration time and paperwork
  • Feel confident
    Measures and records mileage, state line crossing, and route data with pinpoint accuracy
  • Stay compliant
    Helps safeguard against audit assessments
    Exceeds record retention requirements of 3 years
  • Pay only what you owe
    Automatic Exempt Miles determination and Weight/Axle Configuration Management to avoid overpayment
  • Harness your data
    Manages Automatically generates Vehicle Trip Records (VTR) and monthly WMT return data. Directly import STP information from Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

Recordkeeping made easy

At EROAD, we’ve transformed the Oregon WMT (Weight-Mile Tax) recordkeeping experience – eliminating the need to chase down driver records, sift through paperwork, and manually enter information. With EROAD’s in-vehicle device, you’ll be confident your entire fleet’s data is accurately captured and securely transmitted. EROAD’s rapid ping rate, powerful mapping engine, and sophisticated geofence tool are unmatched in the industry, allowing you to recreate every mile of every driver’s journey all on one platform to support accurate, reliable, and auditable distance recordkeeping for tax purposes.

Everything you need at your fingertips

EROAD’s Electronic Oregon WMT automatically generates the required trip information including accurate distance, location, weight/axle configuration changes, and state line crossing information to support distance record requirements. With EROAD’s Weight/Axle Configuration Management, you’ll easily capture and record the location and time of all configuration changes made by your drivers directly on the in-vehicle device. So there’s no need to rely on your drivers’ manual data. 

“It’s great being able to just push a button to report WMT. We’re also able to accurately track and record exempt mileage rather than having to guess our off-road miles, so we’re paying 18% less tax than we used to.”

Doug Gilmer,
General Manager, Wilsonville Concrete,
Wilsonville, OR

US Prodcts Wilsonville Concrete


  • Electronic Recordkeeping
    WMT VTRs (Vehicle Trip Records) display all of the mileage information required such as distance, routes of travel, weight/axle configuration changes, bills of lading, exempt trip details, and out-of-state miles per vehicle per month.
  • Bill of Lading Management
    Bills of lading can be added directly on the in-vehicle device or through the WMT VTRs to meet recordkeeping requirements.
  • Advanced Reporting
    Automatically combines the mileage information with the weight/axle combination entered through the in-vehicle device to display and report distance and location traveled by vehicle and configuration monthly and calculates the tax obligation net of any exempt miles. EROAD has simplified and reduced the time needed for the WMT filing process by facilitating the monthly WMT return directly in Depot.
  • WMT Direct File and Pay
    Submit and pay your monthly WMT return tax obligation directly to ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) with the click of a button.
  • Weight/Axle Configuration Management
    Automatically imports registered configurations from ODOT and allocates them to the correct vehicle in Depot. Weight/axle combinations can be changed directly on the in-vehicle device or through Depot to provide substantial tax savings by recording and keeping track of the correct vehicle configuration for each trip.
  • Exempt Miles
    EROAD's powerful mapping engine automatically and accurately determines taxable and exempt miles according to ODOT’s requirements. Exempt mile reports are available to support recordkeeping and audit requirements.
  • Automatic Vehicle Import
    Automatically imports information about your organization's fleet regularly, such as plate, unit number, VIN, fuel type, make, model, year, and vehicle type. With EROAD's Automatic Vehicle Import, you can ensure the data and information you have provided to ODOT is accurate and stays up to date in Depot.

US Products Stutzman farms

“We are off-road on a daily basis – whether we are picking up material at farms, delivering to customer locations or just running around in our own yard there is almost always some off-road travel and we are no longer paying taxes on it. The system is so user friendly and streamlined that we honestly have no idea what we did without it. It is saving us time, money and headache at every angle. EROAD is a home run in our book.”

Cody Hawks,
Shop Foreman, Stutzman Farms,
Canby, OR

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Confidence in every mile

Our customers rely on EROAD to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate and on our platform to deliver the accurate and reliable data that helps them run a faster, safer and more successful business.

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