Designed from the ground up with the driver in mind, EROAD’s ELD sets the standard for compliance and ease of use. The user-friendly, in-vehicle device features an intuitive touchscreen and synchronizes with the engine to automatically record hours of service. Available at a low monthly fee and backed by exceptional customer care, our ELD subscription includes a reliable connection to EROAD’s secure web-based portal, where everything you need is at your fingertips for tracking, real-time notifications and reports.

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Key Benefits

  • Simplified compliance
    Easy to adopt and easy to use so you can be confident you’re always compliant
  • Intuitive in-vehicle device
    Means no need to deal with lost or broken smartphones or tablets
  • Hardware and software is included
    You’ll have the latest updates and new features delivered to you automatically
  • Secure, reliable, accurate
    Wired connection to the vehicle means it's always available and ready when you are
  • Easy roadside enforcement
    Easier roadside inspections mean your drivers can get back on the road faster to do what they do best
  • Best-in-class customer service
    Responsive, knowledgeable and friendly US-based customer service team dedicated to you
  • FMCSA registered
    Our ELD has undergone rigorous internal testing to meet FMCSA requirements and your compliance needs

Compliance Made Easy

Designed from the ground up with the driver in mind, our highly intuitive ELD (electronic logging device) synchronizes with the engine to automatically record hours of service (HOS). The simple touchscreen lets drivers view, edit and add notes to their logs, and easily present their record of duty status during roadside inspection. Since it stays in the vehicle, there’s nothing to forget.

It includes a secure, reliable connection to our web-based portal, where you can access up-to-the-minute data, easily administer users, receive real-time notifications, send messages and view reports.

EROAD’s ELD is part of our powerful suite of compliance, fleet management and safety solutions and is backed by our exceptional customer care. Offered as an affordable monthly subscription it makes going electronic easier than ever.


  • 100% compliant ELD 
    Independently verified and compliant ELD that makes hours of service recordkeeping easier, faster and more accurate
  • Hours of Service recordkeeping 
    Assists drivers and carriers in monitoring HOS compliance with in-vehicle guidance and violation reporting
  • Cellular data connection included with each device 
    Our ELD includes a free data connection to EROAD’s web-based portal so managing SIM cards and expensive data subscriptions becomes a thing of the past
  • Driver friendly and intuitive touchscreen display 
    Get up and running quickly with minimal training and keep drivers happy
  • Complete solution not dependent on additional devices 
    Our ELD does not depend on a paired device to work and requires no back-office installation to support it. It just works
  • Easy for roadside enforcement 
    Easier roadside inspections mean your drivers can get back onto the road faster to do what they do best
  • HOS Violations Report 
    Provides visibility of non-compliant log issues to improve driver safety, reduce carrier risk of incurring regulator penalties and failure of safety audits and to facilitate proactive fleet and risk management
  • Automatic over-the-air updates 
    Updates occur automatically in the background, meaning no more headaches trying to maintain an array of devices
  • Timesheet Report
    Provides an accurate driver log of work hours and miles travelled making payroll administration easier. A standard CSV ready export is available to use for importing data into your payroll system to avoid additional data entry
  • Secure recordkeeping 
    Driver records are available online, as they happen, and retained for a minimum of six months with easy export options for audits. Includes the ability to review logs and suggest edits which drivers can accept on their in-vehicle displays
  • Third-party verified
    EROAD elected to independently test and verify our ELD solution because we realize the added value of unbiased verification. After thorough and rigorous testing and verification according to the FMCSA’s test procedure, PIT Group confirmed that EROAD’s ELD meets the FMCSA’s functional requirements
  • Short Haul Exemptions/Exceptions including:
    • 16 hour exception and adverse condition exceptions
    • 100 air-mile “short haul” exemption
    • 30 minute rest break exemption
  • Portable ELD / Driver Portal (allows drivers to change duty status away from vehicle)
  • Unidentified trips (allows fleet managers to more easily manage/assign trips)
  • Coming soon: Oilfields exemptions ruleset

Seal Verified by PIT Group
FPInnovations’ PIT Group is an independent, third-party organization that focuses on testing technologies and evaluating operational effectiveness for member fleets. PIT Group’s four main areas of focus are: testing fuel efficiency of technologies using its Energotest, verifying that ELD solutions meet the US and/or Canadian requirements, assessing fleet operations for areas of improvements and research, testing and development of smart mobility solutions. PIT Group’s Energotest is recognized in the trucking industry as the gold standard for fuel economy tests and is ISO 17025 certified.

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Our customers rely on EROAD to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate and on our platform to deliver the accurate and reliable data that helps them run a faster, safer and more successful business.

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