Heavy Vehicles

Drive your fleet success with our Heavy Vehicle plans designed to help you take control of your compliance, safety and fleet performance - including an FMCSA compliant Electronic Logging Device (ELD) - making it easier and faster to track, manage and share hours of service.


EROAD’s driver-friendly, 100% compliant ELD makes compliance convenient.

EROAD TotalTax

EROAD TotalTax makes tax filing, compliance and fleet management easy.

EROAD SafeDriver

EROAD SafeDriver makes compliance, keeping your drivers and the public safe, and managing your fleet easy.

EROAD TotalFleet

EROAD TotalFleet puts everything at your fingertips helping you to take control of your tax, compliance, and operational performance.

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ELD Ehubo2 laptop

Confidence in every mile

Our customers rely on EROAD to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate and on our platform to deliver the accurate and reliable data that helps them run a faster, safer and more successful business.

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