Partners and Associations

Sales Partners

There is no greater feeling in business than providing a service that impacts people’s lives and transforms their business in a profound way. Alliances and partnerships produce an environment for growth and strengthen the fabric of the trusted advisor in the market. EROAD recognizes that managing a business that focuses on the dynamic transportation sector is often challenging, so making it easy for our partners and customers is paramount to our mutual success.

Operating a transport business is a complex and demanding task and as part of our ecosystem of partners, we have ensured our customer’s success with EROAD’s innovative solution. We’ve delivered on a system that’s designed to make your customer’s job easier, and ultimately yours. It gives them the opportunity to take control of tax and compliance obligations, support a safety-focused culture, and better manage their business helping you become more of a trusted partner in their success.

Partnering with the innovative market leader ensures you are delivering the best and EROAD's extensible architecture is ready for today’s most challenging and demanding customer. Together we can help transform their business, making our roads safer, lowering costs, and ensuring compliance with the latest Federal and State regulations.

Become an EROAD partner today and experience the difference that will bring bottom line benefits for years to come!

Partner Program Highlights

The EROAD Partner Enablement Program supports EROAD’s strategic goal of growing market reach through partnering with organizations with relevant market expertise and networks in order to create mutually profitable relationships.


Partnering with EROAD provides your clients with a best-in-class transport technology. With best-in-class accuracy across both commercial and compliance features we provide maximum value and return on investment for your customers. When your clients become EROAD clients you have the opportunity to generate a new and sustainable revenue stream for your business, a true win-win.

Ongoing sales opportunities

By fostering a healthy channel ecosystem, we’re driving broad market awareness and deeper penetration for your benefit. By promoting the EROAD brand and technology wide and deep throughout the target market we will generate leads and opportunities to be fulfilled through the EROAD channel.

Support for your business model

The program recognizes the diversity of companies that serve EROAD’s customers. With distinct program segmentation, the program offers tools, benefits and incentives based on each partner’s unique value-add and business needs. Companies join the program levels based on their fulfillment of program requirements and their specific business model.

Recognition of your commitment

Partners at higher program levels are asked to meet specific program standards defined by the EROAD Partner Enablement Program such as volume commitments, certification or provision of enhanced customer support. Partner rewards have been designed to ensure all partners receive fair rewards for their contributions to EROAD’s success – and their own.

Strong business proposition

Your deep market insight and vertical expertise combined with EROAD’s accurate and intuitive technology will enable the complete solutions that today’s customers require. In turn, we protect your investment in the relationship by offering benefits, marketing programs and other initiatives that deliver rapid return on investment and generate ongoing revenue for our Partners.

Unlock the data

EROAD’s advanced hardware and software solutions generate and capture rich datasets on your customers’ operations. With interest, we can arrange a specific data sharing agreement for you to harness a wealth of insights to add additional value to both your customers and your own just businesses.

Partner Program Structural Overview

There are many different kinds of companies that become EROAD partners. From those that have relevant industry experience and networks and simply wish to leverage these to obtain an additional revenue stream, to those who specialize in full life-cycle management and professional services.

Collectively, these companies make it possible to meet the growing needs of enterprises pursuing transport technology and compliance solutions that enable enterprises to access, analyze and leverage information from their heavy transport fleets and drivers.

Because EROAD appreciates the value that each partner brings, we work hard to ensure that we are providing the incentives, tools and support that each partner level needs to be successful.

EROAD Partner Program Levels:

The program caters for a diverse set of relationships to address the opportunity available today’s complex telematics environment. This ecosystem allows you, our partner, to make decisions on what role you want to play, and allows EROAD to address your needs as a function of this role. There are three levels to the EROAD Partner Program:

  • EROAD Agent Partner (EAP)
  • EROAD Dealer Partner (EDP)
  • EROAD Reseller Partner (ERP)(Available at a future date.)

Through these three distinct partner levels, each of which is targeted at a specific type of business model, the program supports and rewards partners based upon their level of commitment and engagement across the various aspects of the program.

EROAD Referral Partner
In addition to these formal partnership levels, EROAD also recognizes the value referrals play in our success. As such an independent referral program is focused on rewarding those that bring EROAD an opportunity. This unique program rewards those whose businesses might be complementary to that of EROAD but do not have the capacity to sell EROAD’s solutions on our behalf. Speak to your local EROAD Channel Manager if you would like to learn more about EROAD’s referral program.