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FMCSA helps inspectors prepare for ELD compliance

Getting in front of the best of the best in the enforcement community

EROAD recently attended the North American Inspector Championship (NAIC) in Orlando, Florida. This is the only event that recognizes and awards commercial motor vehicle inspector excellence.

As background, the event is organized by the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance) and each year the best of the enforcement community is invited to compete against other top inspectors from jurisdictions all across North America. NAIC attendees also receive training on the latest commercial motor vehicle safety trends, technologies, standards and inspection procedures while sharing insights, ideas, techniques and experiences with other inspectors.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) led the effort in preparing the inspectors for the ELD compliance date by providing a high-level overview of the ELD mandate. To complement this effort, EROAD trained inspectors on the practical elements of our ELD including yard moves, personal conveyance, unassigned driving time and malfunctions – areas that are new to them.

In particular, inspectors favored EROAD’s in-vehicle device that can be easily handed outside the cab by the driver – only showing the inspector what they need to see. They also shared having greater confidence in the reliability of data from a solution like EROAD that is tethered to vehicle, avoiding Bluetooth connectivity issues and lost or misplaced devices that BYOD or bring your own device have.

EROAD is honored to partner and support CVSA and the training and education of the inspector community. 

Soona Lee training inspection

EROAD’s Soona Lee training inspection officers at the North American Inspector Championship (NAIC) in Orlando, Florida.