Case Studies

Recoil Oilfield Services

“With EROAD, we are saving a few thousand dollars per month in administrative time for fuel tax reporting and realizing fuel tax savings of at least $200,000 annually based on the ability to accurately capture and track off road mileage. EROAD data has also led to a 7% reduction in insurance premiums and savings of $3,000 per month with its inspection and maintenance recordkeeping capabilities, as well as fewer violations and lower fines. Overall, the ROI for us on EROAD is almost immediate.

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Sound Delivery Service

“EROAD is the perfect fit for our business. Their TotalFleet and ELD solutions are easy to learn and have streamlined our mileage and fuel tax reporting, and driver management and compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements that pertain to safety and transportation. As we continue to adopt all of the EROAD system’s capabilities we anticipate realizing additional benefits and a faster return on our investment.”

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Customer Videos

Phase II uses EROAD for an easy ELD transition

“It’s been an incredible savings of time and money all around.”

EROAD accurate tracking and electronic logbook makes life easier for Interstate Wood Products

"WMT and IFTA’s already done and it’s not even the end of the month!"

"It really makes day-to-day operations much easier."