Why data quality matters

When you’re operating in a fast-paced environment such as the transportation industry, your ability to make quick decisions matters. Technology can be a great tool to support your strategic operations, but only if it’s reliable. So how do you know if you’re working with bad data? Read more »

FMCSA decides to preempt California meal and rest break rules

The decision is in. After receiving, reviewing and analyzing more than 700 comments, on December 21, 2018 the FMCSA granted The American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) petition submitted in September and determined that state meal and rest break rules are preempted as applied to property-carrying Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers covered by the federal HOS regulations. Read more »

7 Steps to Train Drivers on ELD Technology

No doubt, drivers are your organization’s most important asset. The question remains, have you done enough to guide them through their transition to ELD? Follow these seven steps to make sure drivers are feeling confident with their new technology: Read more »

FMCSA’s driver-friendly guide to ELD data transfers

FMCSA recently created a new resource for ELD drivers. This new guide takes drivers through a step-by-step process on how to easily transfer their hours-of-service logbook data to safety officials during a roadside inspection. Read more »

7 Key Takeaways from ATA MCE in Austin

The EROAD team headed down to Austin to take part in the 2018 American Trucking Association’s Management Conference & Exhibition. We had the chance to catch up with many of our customers and engage with the wider transportation community on the key issues facing our industry today. Read about the top seven takeaways. Read more »

ELDs One Year In: Real World Lessons and Perspectives

The ELD mandate took effect on December 18, 2017. Since then, what real-world impacts have ELDs had on operations, enforcement and compliance? Industry experts weigh in on what they've learned at roadside and in the back office. Read more »

How ELD Technology Can Increase Fleet Efficiency

Your ELD doesn’t stop with compliance. While you may be mandated to use Electronic Logging Devices, the data from your ELDs can achieve much more than hours-of-service compliance. It’s also about maximizing your operational efficiency. And, with a comprehensive ELD system in place, you and the industry are full throttle for years ahead. Read more »

7 lessons learned from Joe DeLorenzo on Personal Conveyance

Last month Joe DeLorenzo, FMCSA’s Director of Enforcement and Compliance, joined EROAD in a webinar to educate customers on the new guidance for personal conveyance recently announced by FMCSA. With Electronic Logging Devices monitoring all drive time by qualified drivers and trucks it’s important to understand how and when personal conveyance can and should be used. Here are some lessons we learned from Joe: Read more »

Personal conveyance: what the official guidelines mean

With the introduction of ELDs, which automatically capture all the times that a vehicle is driven, it is more transparent when a driver is using personal conveyance. This has highlighted the need for further clarity around when the use of personal conveyance will be permitted from an enforcement standpoint. Read more »

8 reasons to move from AOBRDs to ELDs now

If you are using AOBRDs (automatic on-board recording devices) you have an additional two years – until December 2019 – to complete the transition to ELDs (electronic logging devices). Read more »

EROAD adds strings to API bow

EROAD’s API is a way of communicating data and letting customers securely integrate systems. This month we’ve enhanced our API with more useful operations. Read more »

IRP Report gets CSV export

We’ve now added the ability to export the IRP report as a CSV file, so you have the information you need in a much more convenient way. Read more »

EROAD IFTA Easy File takes the hassle out of IFTA returns

It’s a rare person who finds filing a tax return enjoyable. For everyone else, there’s EROAD IFTA Easy File, an end-to-end electronic tax management solution that makes it quicker and easier for carriers to file their quarterly IFTA returns. Read more »

Changes to FTR export file

We’ve included latitude and longitude coordinates in the IFTA FTR (fuel trip records) CSV export file: Entry Lat, Entry Long, Exit Lat, and Exit Long. Read more »

Make it pretty

When we hear “design”, most of us think “beautiful.” How many times have you heard or said: “This chair is so design!”, or “The hotel we stayed in was very design”? I’m sorry to have to remind you that “design” is not an adjective; it is a noun. Even better, a verb. Read more »

Geofence Activity with Auxiliary Inputs Updated

Last month we introduced the Geofence Activity with Auxiliary Inputs feature. It’s a great way to keep track of your equipment on site, optimize productivity and support accurate billing. We’ve now given it even more functionality. Read more »

Upgrades to Leaderboard and Driver Insights

We’ve enhanced Leaderboard and Driver Insight reporting so that safety directors, fleet managers and owners who use Electronic Logbook can accurately monitor individual driver behavior. Read more »

EROAD at ITS World Congress 2016 in Melbourne

EROAD has been attending the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress for a number of years now. This year, for the first time, the Congress was held in Melbourne; 11,500 delegates with deep expertise in a number of different transportation sectors coming together to share not only their experience but also their practiced thought leadership on a wide range of operational topics. Read more »

Enhanced Leaderboard

Our Leaderboard and Driver Insight reports have optimized effective driver training and rewards programs for a growing number of EROAD customers. Read more »

Map improvements

We have simplified your access to up-to-date Traffic flow and other helpful map information in Depot. Read more »

DVIR adds fleet filter

Get DVIR reports for only those vehicles you have access to, and focus on the information you need. Read more »

Ehubo to the rescue

EROAD Regional Sales Manager David Nordman was driving home in a snowstorm during the holidays when he came across a car over an embankment. Read more »

Guide to the ELD mandate

The FMCSA has published the Final Rule requiring carriers and drivers currently using paper record of duty status to adopt electronic logging devices (ELDs). Read more »

Comdata fuel card integration

EROAD customers who use Comdata for their fleet’s fuel purchases can now establish an automated import of Comdata fuel card transactions Read more »

Exporting Over Speed Dashboard

Our Over Speed dashboard can now be scheduled and exported in PDF and CSV format, delivering insights directly to your email inbox on a regular basis Read more »

Ehubo Guide for Drivers

Our new EROAD Ehubo Driver Guide contains easy to follow instructions for your drivers and will give them useful guidance on how to use the Ehubo with confidence Read more »