7 lessons learned from Joe DeLorenzo on Personal Conveyance

Last month Joe DeLorenzo, FMCSA’s Director of Enforcement and Compliance, joined EROAD in a webinar to educate customers on the new guidance for personal conveyance recently announced by FMCSA. With Electronic Logging Devices monitoring all drive time by qualified drivers and trucks it’s important to understand how and when personal conveyance can and should be used. Here are some lessons we learned from Joe: Read more »

Personal conveyance: what the official guidelines mean

With the introduction of ELDs, which automatically capture all the times that a vehicle is driven, it is more transparent when a driver is using personal conveyance. This has highlighted the need for further clarity around when the use of personal conveyance will be permitted from an enforcement standpoint. Read more »

8 reasons to move from AOBRDs to ELDs now

If you are using AOBRDs (automatic on-board recording devices) you have an additional two years – until December 2019 – to complete the transition to ELDs (electronic logging devices). Read more »