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With EROAD, going electronic has never been easier. From our intuitive, driver-friendly ELD (electronic logging device) to our secure web portal, everything about EROAD has been designed to meet all your compliance, operational and driver needs. Capture accurate data automatically, receive real-time notifications and reports and file your taxes with ease – all from one platform.

EROAD puts the power at your fingertips, giving you the confidence you need to ensure FMCSA compliance with the ELD mandate, run a safer and more efficient fleet and reduce the burdens and costs associated with manual paperwork.

Depot puts your data at your fingertips

See how our secure web-based portal, Depot, makes it easy for you to monitor vehicle location and driver behavior, and manage reporting requirements

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Industry experts have ranked our ELD in the top five on the market. In ELD Ratings’ ranking of ELDs, EROAD’s is in third place, and is the only ELD with a five-star user score. “EROAD is one of the most dependable, durable, and accurate systems in the business.”

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How to use ELDs with personal conveyance and agricultural exemption

• Tuesday, July 24th, 2018   • 10AM Pacific

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One platform, multiple applications

EROAD puts everything at your fingertips, saving you time and effort at every turn. Our single platform takes care of your compliance, safety and fleet management needs, including compliant ELD, automated IFTA, driver safety tools, fuel management and fleet tracking.


Our user-friendly solution reduces costs associated with complex manual and paper-based systems. Our compliant ELD, enhanced IFTA reporting, and electronic tax management make going electronic easier and more accurate than ever.

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Improve safety and limit liability with our comprehensive range of user-friendly tools and reports. EROAD driver safety tools help simplify compliance and support a safety-focused culture.

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Fleet Management

EROAD’s superior accuracy provides your business with the best data available to help you improve productivity and customer service, reduce operating costs, and maximize uptime.

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The EROAD Advantage

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Your data is safe with us. All vehicle data collected by EROAD is confidential and remains the property of the motor carrier. We are committed to meeting strict technical and security requirements and regularly conduct independent security testing.

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Our hardware accurately records location and distance at a tax audit level, and samples comprehensive vehicle data every second. The EROAD platform provides accurate data you can rely on for business insights and competitive advantage.

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System performance and redundancy is a key focus for EROAD. Our end-to-end solution achieves an industry-leading 99.99% service uptime, minimizing the cost of interruptions to your business.

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Our solution is intuitive, user friendly, and designed from the ground up with you in mind. We work closely with our customers to ensure we are delivering technology that meets your compliance and operational needs.


EROAD Electronic Logging Device

To ensure that our ELD solution is FMCSA compliant EROAD employed the services of transportation research and engineering experts, PIT Group, to provide third-party verification of our ELD solution. While ELD suppliers can self-certify their technologies, given that the FMCSA does not require independent verification, EROAD elected to take this approach because we realize the added value of unbiased verification.

PIT Group’s methodology was to test and document results against the FMCSA’s test procedures and mimic the approach that would be taken by the FMCSA as if the ELD provider is subject to an investigation or audit. 

After thorough and rigorous testing and verification of the EROAD ELD according to the FMCSA’s test procedure, PIT Group can confirm that EROAD’s ELD meets the FMCSA’s functional requirements.

Seal Verified by PIT Group

EROAD Electronic Weight Mile Tax

The EROAD solution received an independent unqualified opinion by the Oregon Secretary of State Audit Division. The purpose of the comprehensive performance audit was to provide motor carriers and the Oregon Department of Transport with an independent assessment of the EROAD electronic highway tax solution.

The state government audit concluded that the EROAD technology platform was accurate and reliable, and reduced the burden of record keeping by helping motor carriers prepare and submit tax reports. The independent audit also found that the EROAD data, reports and records were more accurate than the paper-based records compiled and filed by carriers. 

Seal Verified by PIT Group

Join EROAD at an industry event near you

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WEBINAR: 7 steps for training drivers on going electronic

July 12th, 10am PDT

Free online webinar, register now!

Your drivers are the most important asset in your organization. With the introduction of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and other electronic safety technologies, the world of paper documentation that drivers had years of experience with, is now gone. What has your organization done to support them through this change?
Join EROAD in this free webinar to learn the steps required to effectively train drivers on going electronic.

TAEC 2018

July 15th – 18th

Rockport, ME

This year’s Trucking Association Executives Council Summer Meeting will be held in Maine, with a theme of “Bringing it back to the Maineland.” EROAD will be in attendance to gather with trucking executives and association managers.

WEBINAR: How to use ELDs with personal conveyance and agricultural exemption

July 24th, 10am PDT

Free online webinar, register now!

With the introduction of electronic logging devices (ELD), which capture all the times a vehicle is driven, personal conveyance and agricultural operations have become more transparent than ever. So how do you make sense of the newly released FMCSA guidance and make sure you’re operationally compliant in the new world of ELDs? Join EROAD in a webinar featuring industry expert Joe DeLorenzo, FMCSA's Director of Enforcement and Compliance and Soona Lee, EROAD’s Director of Regulatory Compliance, to help carriers better understand ELD regulations.

Florida Trucking Association Annual Conference

August 2nd – 3rd

Clearwater, FL

With over 300 leaders from Florida’s trucking industry, this annual event will include active discussion around the next steps towards the future of trucking. EROAD’s Russell Johnson will be attending and exhibiting.