EROAD Referral Program

EROAD gives you a new way to put money back in your pocket. If you have friends and contacts that could use EROAD in their business, refer them to us. We’ll follow up, and when they sign up for a minimum of 5 units, you’ll receive $20 for every vehicle they equip with our service (up to a total of $1000 per referral)!* 


It’s easy. Here’s what you do…


Step 1: Sign up using our online form

Step 2: Refer friends and contacts

Step 3: Earn rewards when they sign up


Refer a colleague with 10 trucks and get $200. 25 trucks? 500 bucks!

Simply complete the form to enter your contact detail and refer your colleagues. Make sure to let them know that someone from EROAD will be contacting them. We’ll reach out, answer any questions and demonstrate our system. Once your referral turns into an EROAD customer, we’ll pay you for every rig they equip.

We’ll stay in touch so you know how things are progressing. And you can get rewarded for every new referral you make that turns into an EROAD customer. Your rewards can really add up!


Get started now!

Make your first referral and start getting rewarded.

Referral Form

The following terms and conditions apply to participants in the EROAD referral program:

  • For each qualifying new prospect referred by you that signs up for EROAD products and services on a 36-month term, you will be eligible to receive a reward of $20 per vehicle equipped with an EROAD solution (“Referral Fee”). The maximum reward per referred prospect is $1,000. Trailers and assets equipped with EROAD eTrack are not included in calculating Referral Fee. An unlimited number of referred prospects may be submitted. 
  • EROAD will only award referral compensation upon successful contract execution of one of the EROAD 36-month plans.
  • A qualifying prospect is an organization with 5 or more vehicles that isn’t an existing EROAD customer or an active prospect with an open EROAD sales opportunity with activity in the past 30 days. Referring parties will be notified if a referred contact is not qualified within 5 business days of submitting the referral form.
  • You will be considered an independent contractor and will be responsible for your own tax obligations.
  • EROAD will remit the Referral Fee upon receipt of first payment from referred customers.
  • EROAD will be entitled to deduct from the Referral Fee other amounts owed by you to EROAD that are outstanding at the time of the deduction.
  • EROAD reserves the right to refuse to remit the Referral Fee to anyone who breaches these terms and conditions.
  • EROAD may discontinue the referral program at any time without notice.
  • These terms are governed by the laws of the State of Oregon and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of any local, state, or federal court located in Washington County, Oregon.