Everything You Want To Know About Dashcams

Protect your business with integrated video and telematics data that gives you visibility into incidents on the road and drivers’ behavior behind the wheel.

Running a safe operation is crucial to success as a motor carrier. That’s why more trucking businesses are adding fleet dash cams to their vehicles. In-cab cameras provide a vast amount of visual data that can be used to increase safety, improve driver performance and protect motor carriers from wrongful claims and fraud

What Are Fleet Dash Cams?

Fleet dash cams are cameras that are installed inside the cab of commercial motor vehicles. They are often mounted to the windshield, and they record activity happening on the road in front of a vehicle. Some dash cams also have a driver-facing configuration, allowing them to record what is happening inside the cab, and may include audio recording.

Fleet dash cams are often designed to automatically capture clips and upload them to the cloud when triggered by safety-critical events, such as hard breaking, harsh turning, rapid acceleration and collisions.

What are the Benefits?

Protect your drivers and your business from wrongful lawsuits

Save on insurance and repair costs

Use video footage as a high impact coaching tool to improve driver performance

Reduce accidents, and the time required to investigate them

Exonerate Drivers

Driver exoneration is the No. 1 benefit that fleet dash cams provide to motor carriers.

Despite data showing that commercial drivers are at fault in serious truck-car accidents far less often than the drivers of passenger cars, lawsuits against motor carriers have increased at a “nearly exponential pace,” according to the American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI).

When a truck driver is in an accident, a dash cam acts as an unbiased witness to what happened before, during and after the crash. Often, footage will show that the commercial driver is not at fault – which, according to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, is the case more than 80 percent of the time.

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Protect Against Fraud

Accident attorneys aren’t the only ones looking at motor carriers with dollar signs in their eyes. Fraudsters target motor carriers with staged accident schemes that are both harmful to individual carriers and detrimental to the industry overall because they contribute to skyrocketing insurance rates.

Some recent high-profile cases have brought the issue to the forefront, and carriers are beginning to educate themselves about staged accidents.

More and more, however, carriers are using dash cam footage to help expose staged-accident fraud, protect their businesses and safeguard the industry.

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Coach Drivers

Trucking companies that can show they have taken steps to increase fleet safety that exceed Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) are looked at more favorably by juries, according to the ATRI report.

Adding fleet dash cams shows a carrier’s commitment to safety, as video footage can be used to train and coach drivers on safety-critical events and support safe-driving incentive programs.

From a carrier’s point of view, fleet dash cams offer plenty of benefits. Drivers, on the other hand, may be wary of fleet dash cams, which they often see as intruding on their privacy. Clear communication from carriers about the protections that dash cams provide to drivers, how in-cab cameras operate and how the data collected will be used can help pave the road to getting drivers on board with dash cams.

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EROAD has a dashcam solution for every fleet.

EROAD’s Clarity Dashcam combines HD video and telematics to deliver powerful data that

  • Protects your business and drivers from wrongful lawsuits
  • Supports high-impact driver coaching to prevent accidents
  • Helps reduce insurance costs

Rugged, dependable and easy to use, Clarity Dashcam continuously records HD video while the vehicle is running. Video clips are automatically sent to the cloud when triggered by a safety event, such as harsh acceleration, hard braking and rough cornering. Drivers can also manually trigger the camera to capture footage. Video can be accessed and reviewed with ease in the MyEROAD portal. Clarity Dashcam can be used in front-facing or front- and driver-facing configurations, with the option for in-cab audio recording.

Clarity Connected

Clarity Connected Dashcam works with EROAD’s industry-leading ELD, adding visual context to telematics data.

Integrated with ELD Fleet Management System.

Clarity Solo

Clarity Solo Dashcam is an all-in-one device that provides video, GPS and telematics, making it a great solution for light- and medium-duty fleets, service and delivery fleets, and nonregulated heavy vehicles.

Flexible. Configurable. No ELD Required.