Rock solid compliance meets robust driver workflow

EROAD is excited to announce EROAD Go, a new mobile workflow application designed to simplify dispatch, boost driver productivity, and enable mobile data capture. EROAD Go connects with your transportation management system (TMS) to help dispatchers make better load assignments, get real time updates on load position and reduce paperwork in the dispatch process.


Improved driver satisfaction and productivity 

Designed with the driver in mind, the EROAD Go app provides a route plan with stop details to guide drivers throughout their day. Integrated truck-friendly routing and navigation help to ensure safe and efficient driving. As drivers complete their stops, EROAD Go enables them to capture and transmit proof of delivery from their mobile device so data is available immediately to the back office for updating customers and enabling faster billing and settlements.


EROAD Go helps get the data your team needs, right where they need it:

  • Assign loads with better data, eliminate paper from the dispatch process and monitor drivers and loads in real time.
  • Eliminate manual dispatch, paper manifests and forms including the labor to manage, collect, and enter data.
  • Get proof of delivery back faster to invoice quickly, improve cashflow and speed up settlements.




Find out how mobile workflow is supporting safer, more efficient drivers and join our webinar on October 8th at 11am PDT. Register here

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Introducing EROAD Go

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