The healthcare challenge facing drivers

Due to the lack of convenient medical care on the road where drivers work, and the high costs of health insurance and medical care, many drivers cannot or do not take care of their chronic conditions as needed, not only impacting their ability to drive, but also resulting in:

  • Drivers spending thousands of dollars per year on avoidable medical costs
  • Drivers hauling less freight as they miss more loads and days of work
  • Trucking industry losing billions of dollars annually due to lost productivity (including driver turnover)


Drivers and chronic conditions: The numbers tell the story

Drivers, especially those with chronic conditions, are not only more susceptible to COVID-19, but also experience more serious complications.

  • 48% of professional drivers have a chronic condition (diabetes, hypertension, obesity) that restricts their Commercial Driver’s License to 1 year or less.
  • Per the CDC, individuals with one or more chronic conditions represented 78% of all individuals requiring intensive care unit (ICU) admission and 71% of those requiring hospitalization.
  • Per the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, obese people:
    • had a 46% greater risk of catching COVID-19 than non-obese people
    • had a 113% increased risk of hospitalization
    • chances of ending up in the intensive care unit were 74% greater than those who were not obese
    • had a 48% greater risk of dying from the virus


Affordable healthcare critical to drivers, their families and their fleets

Our customers depend on EROAD to be their partner that knows how their operations work and delivers solutions to meet their needs.  Healthy drivers are happier drivers, haul more freight, drive more miles and earn more income.

EROAD is pleased to partner with UCT Health to offer our customers a very affordable health membership plan with no co-pay and no deductible telehealth and clinic visits. For details, please go to:


*All statistics provided by UrgentCareTravel

Affordable and Convenient Healthcare While on the Road

by | Oct 15, 2020 |

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