New decade. New year. New opportunity.

It’s the ultimate fresh start – how will you make the most of 2020?


To make this year your most productive yet, we’ve put together some New Year’s resolutions to improve your fleet management operations.


1. Update policies and procedures.

If you haven’t taken a good look at your company policies in the last few years, they could be out of date. Policies and procedures need to adapt as the company grows. To simplify the review process, identify one area per quarter (driver safety, equipment maintenance and inspection, etc.) and take the time to review, revise and get input from colleagues.


2. Make training a priority.

You’re only as good as your worst employee. So why not set every employee up to be the best? To see business improvements, you’ll need to invest in your driver’s and office staff’s professional development.  Quality training can help your team to keep up with technology, regulatory requirements, changes in operations and procedures.


3. Find balance with routes and schedules.

It’s a balancing act as a fleet manager to find faster, more efficient routes while maintaining a good driver experience and reduced detention time. Using a technology system equipped with complete visibility of your vehicles and assets can help you plan ahead.  This transparency allows you to know when drivers arrive and depart customer sites and can help identify where drivers are getting held up most often.


 4. Ask for feedback.

Encourage customers to provide reviews of your business. It’s the best way to identify potential gaps. With good reviews, you can even ask client permission to use them on your company website or for referrals.


5. Choose a high-quality technology partner.

In today’s trucking environment, your technology needs to perform at the highest level. Accuracy and reliability of your ELD are critical when choosing a compliant solution. Poor software with inaccurate data can create problems with record keeping and reporting, which can lead to more visits from your local DOT. Your time, and your reputation are on the line, so look for a provider that is in it for the long haul.


Ready to say goodbye to fleet management problems? Leave last year’s technology woes behind with a solution that works. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your 2020 goals.

Brittany Wooten

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New Years Resolutions for Improving Fleet Management in 2020

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