EROAD Red Papers

Get the latest tips, insight and strategies to help you be prepared for the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. These red papers are authored by the EROAD Regulatory and Compliance Team and feature a comprehensive list covering topics such as the key points you need to consider when selecting an ELD, how to leverage a broader solution platform for ELD compliance and whether your ELD provider can cover your IFTA and IRP obligations.

How to improve fleet safety with electronic DVIRs

Sub-optimal communications between drivers and mechanics potentially create a safety issue. Using a paper DVIR (driver vehicle inspection report process), it may also take a while for the driver to submit the paper work.

This redpaper explains how moving to an electronic DIVR can transform your operational culture and help you stay on top with more proactive management of the safety of your vehicles.

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ELD RP Leverage

Building confidence around your ELD adoption and implementation

With the ELD mandate around the corner, are your drivers and back office teams ready? What are the key steps involved with an ELD implementation that you should be prepared for?

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Is your ELD provider good enough to cover your IFTA and IRP obligations?

The recordkeeping requirements for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP) are more stringent than those applicable to an ELD. This means not every product offering is adequate to fulfill the requirements of the ELD mandate or will necessarily be well suited to additionally provide solutions for other tax compliance needs.


Weighing your options between AOBRDs and ELDs

When you add vehicles to your fleet after December 2017, all those new vehicles – regardless of whether you have AOBRDs in your other vehicles – must be fitted with an ELD. Are you ready?


It’s as simple as E=MC2

As a motor carrier you are tirelessly working to distinguish yourself from your competitors and fighting for your share of the freight market. It’s a tough haul in an industry where profit margins are slim. You look for any competitive advantage that will give you an edge.


Is your RFP built to source the right ELD solution?

Is the prospective solution for your ELD accurate and reliable? You need to be able to trust, come audit time, that you’ve captured everything required to comply with the ELD mandate, and that you’ve not been left high and dry by your technology.

ELD RP ExtraMile

Going the extra mile to certify compliance

Your company’s compliance relies on your ELD solution provider’s road to certification. Clearly, you’ll want a provider that can confidently assure your full compliance and will be there for you as you work through the transition alongside your team.

ELD RP Leverage

Leverage a broader solution platform for ELD compliance

As you consider various options for satisfying the ELD mandate, are you thinking about opportunities to maximize your investment by ensuring the technology platform provides other essential functions?