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EROAD’s electronic tax solution has revolutionized the way carriers manage tax compliance and reporting and meet recordkeeping requirements.

EROAD is the only technology provider to offers a complete suite of user-friendly compliance and telematics tools on a single platform, including electronic IFTA, FMCSA-compliant electronic logbook, support for driver safety, vehicle maintenance, fuel and fleet utilization reporting.

Our Oregon State government-approved technology platform guarantees accurate data that you can rely on.

Comprehensive vehicle data is sampled by our in-vehicle hardware every second. EROAD hardware has been independently verified to accurately record location and distance at a tax audit level.


Case study: Oregon WMT Implementation

In 2014, technology company, EROAD Inc. (EROAD), with the support of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oregon Trucking Association (OTA), implemented the first GPS cellular based electronic weight-mile tax solution in North America. Developed to automate Oregon’s weight-mile tax program for commercial motor carriers, the successful deployment is characterized by a number of innovative elements which are described and analyzed by this case study.

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Tax reporting made easy

Tax reporting can involve a lot of time and guess work when you are relying on paper to record trip information and complete your tax returns. Electronic tax management allows you to ditch paper records and reduce workload for your drivers and back office staff, eliminating the cost of manual data entry, and decreasing the risk of inadvertent non-compliance.

Our solution accurately and reliably captures and calculates weight-mile and fuel tax information, and records all required data elements to ensure you meet your legal obligations.

Take the easy road

"Quarterly WMT/IFTA reports are a click away using the automated reporting feature. No more paying staff to manually enter this information or relying on drivers for correct mileage records.

Having EROAD in my business is like a trusted friend. It provides peace of mind that we are in line with the federal standards set for this industry, efficiently and effectively managing our operations.

All of these things combined are why Phase II Transportation, Inc. chose the EROAD solution. To us the name EROAD is like taking the Easy Road to successfully managing the day to day tasks and putting money back to the bottom line. Phase II is now running a more organized, safe and efficient operation."

Dennis Weissenfluh
President, CEO
Phase II Transportation, Inc.

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State certified solution

The EROAD solution received an independent unqualified opinion by the Oregon Secretary of State Audit Division. The purpose of the comprehensive performance audit was to provide motor carriers and the Oregon Department of Transport with an independent assessment of the EROAD electronic highway tax solution.

The state government audit concluded that the EROAD technology platform was accurate and reliable, and reduced the burden of record keeping by helping motor carriers prepare and submit tax reports. The independent audit also found that the EROAD data, reports and records were more accurate than the paper-based records compiled and filed by carriers.

The EROAD solution is underpinned by a comprehensive set of internal and external controls, and carriers are alerted to potential omissions and errors in their data. The EROAD electronic tax solution means you can rest easy – confident that your data, records and tax returns are complete, accurate and able to withstand the scrutiny of an external audit.

“This is a great example of how state auditors can help government and business use cutting edge technology to save money and improve performance,” said Secretary of State Kate Brown.

Secretary Brown praised ODOT Director Matt Garrett for seeking the audit before deciding to partner with the New Zealand-based EROAD, Inc. “Too often, auditors are brought in because something has gone wrong.

Director Garrett’s decision to have auditors review a pilot project before the state entered into a partnership demonstrates just the kind of innovative thinking we need in government.”

Kate Brown
Governor of Oregon
(Former Oregon Secretary of State)

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