Are you experiencing connectivity problems, or using AOBRDs that aren’t FMCSA compliant?


It’s time to switch to EROAD.

Third-party verified

Self-certification is like asking hockey players to ref their own game. 
You’re just asking for a fight! Learn more

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Our half price introductory period allows you an easy and seamless transition from your old technology to EROAD.Contact us today!
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  • 17 years’ trucking experience 
    We've been at this awhile, we know what we're talking about. And no, we're not from Silicon Valley.
  • Built from the ground up
    We're not trying to turn a rotary phone into a smart one. Our ELD was smart from the start.
  • Tethered to the truck 
    Bad Bluetooth connections are okay when you're trying to play Donna Summer around the pool, not so much when you're actually trying to stay compliant and keep your trucks on the road.



Crisis averted.
Make the switch to EROAD.

It's a no-brainer. We're third-party verified, our ELD is tethered which means no Bluetooth connectivity issues and we've even got a half-price introductory offer. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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Setting the standard for compliance with third-party verified ELD

To ensure our ELD is FMCSA compliant, EROAD employed the services of transportation research and engineering experts, PIT Group, to provide third-party verification. While ELD suppliers can self-certify their technologies, EROAD elected to independently test and verify our ELD solution because we realize the added value of unbiased verification.

After thorough and rigorous testing and verification according to the FMCSA’s test procedure, PIT Group confirmed that EROAD’s ELD meets the FMCSA’s functional requirements.