Fleet Safety

Protect your drivers, vehicles and bottom line

Your drivers and vehicle maintenance practices can have a huge impact on your company’s reputation and bottom line, but monitoring performance can be difficult.

EROAD gives you control with an inside view of your fleet with key driver metrics to help pinpoint areas of potential risk. You are then able to use this information to help develop effective driver training to reduce the number of safety related incidents.

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38% fewer speeding events

Organizations that use EROAD’s driver behavior analytics have 38% fewer speeding events than organizations that don’t view them at all.


Encourage better, safer driving and maintain your CSA score


EROAD Leaderboard

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Leaderboard gives you new insights into the performance of your fleet, vehicles and drivers. Understand how your business compares to the EROAD population, benchmark driver and vehicle performance and track improvements over time.

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EROAD Driver Insight

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Driver Insight report provides your drivers with a summary of their driving performance and highlights areas for improvement. By highlighting specific issues and key messages, it makes it easy to empower your drivers to adopt safe driving habits.

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EROAD Service Module

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EROAD’s comprehensive Service Module allows you to proactively manage the maintenance and repair of your vehicle fleet.

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“Our speed has dropped, our braking events have dropped and everyone is aware because all the drivers look at the board now to see how they’re doing and they point it out to us. The drivers are competing not with each other, but with themselves to get better.”

“The best thing we ever did for our fleet was install EROAD.”

Michael Harford, General Manager, J. A. Jack & Sons, Inc.


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